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Originally Posted by jigmoore View Post
I already have a droid 4....reasonably early in my verizon 2 yr deal...would rather find a solution that just holds that securely.

i'm not following on the gpx files. if i find myself out riding...and realize i hadn't seen a certain place adn want to 'start recording'...then i ride a bit more to show the ride....then i want to 'end recording' and save that as a map.
does the current app allow me to do that on the phone?
I've posted before about a RAM mounted phone holder I use. I forget the model number but a search of the thread should find a link to it.

The app, while on, is ALWAYS recording your ride to a GPX file. Every new calendar day, it takes any previously recorded tracks and writes them to a file (assuming you have not turned off that feature). I don't recall if that is default to on or not. It probably is though. The GPX files are stored in the app path /tracks (/sdcard/osmand/tracks or something like that).

Settings=>Monitoring=>Save track to GPX

GPX files are small and your phone has ample storage, so I just keep it simple and store everything and you can edit it out later if you don't want it. You can also set up the app to store GPX files when the app is not "active". That is Settings=>Background Service
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