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woke up to a call that someone hit my bike this morning.

hearsay says he was making a left onto my street, tried to take the outside line to go around a truck, clipped me. i got really lucky because there is a traffic enforcement lady stationed on my corner (ok well not lucky, traffic enforcement is a joke but it worked out here) and he had to pick up someone from my building.

word onthe street was that he tried to get the kid he was picking up into his car and GTFO.

only damage is a turn signal so i got 30 bucks and now i'm here. forks, wheel, tree and frame look good/straight minus preexisting conditions.

just a friendly reminder to remember where you park you FF's
Once the guy is caught trying to take off without accepting responsibility all bets are off and I threaten to call the police and get his insurance company involved and then I would get him for every scratch.

If it's an apologetic person and there is no damage then I say no worries or ask for cash for whatever little things are busted like a mirror or turn signal.

I HATE people who cannot take responsibility for their own actions and try to squirm out of things.
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