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Great report

Ok This is a bit long winded but relates to your experience with the couple and the $20.00 donation at your food stop. Believe me it will be worth the time to read it.

I'm not what I would call a "religious guy" in the classic sense. Having said that and having been on a number of long distance journeys I understand the spiritual nature of these endeavors. Let me relate a story to illustrate my point. A few years ago myself and my best bud Paul were traveling from NY state to WI. to attend the Harley 100th anniversary celebration. I'm not a Harley guy but was riding and still love my Buell M2 Cyclone. Anyway we crossed from Canada back into the USA at Port Huron and stopped to stretch our legs and grab a cuppa. As things often do on long moto trips the conversation turned spiritual. Paul was a confirmed atheist and I was lets say more spiritual. I won't say religious in the classic sense just more willing to accept the fact that there was a power much greater then me in charge of this world. Any how just before we saddled up Paul said "Ken I truly wish I had your faith but I just don't. There is no plan what happens happens and that's the way it is". Soooo we were going to Detroit to spend the night with a friend of Paul's brother. We had never met this guy. We had a name (Hung ...he was Vietnamese) and an address. We hit Detroit during rush hour. Traffic was backed up with all the overhead signs flashing alternate routes that meant nothing to us. So were creeping along with our air cooled motors bumper to bumper 85 degrees thinking sh*t this sucks. All of a sudden Paul sees a Ford Taurus on the shoulder of the road with a guy waving at us. Paul says "why's that guy waving at us?" I say "I don't have a clue but lets figure out how to get out of this cluster fu*k". Paul says "I think that's Hung and he wants us to follow him." I say right Paul we've never met this guy and he's been hanging around all day not knowing the route we're taking or what we look like on the outside chance we might be passing this way and we might need his help. Give me an Fu*king brake. Paul says "I think he wants us to follow him." With that Paul takes off behind this guy with me in tow. We take exits go on back roads for miles and finally end up in the driveway of a beautiful home. The guy gets out of the car and I say with baited breath "are you HUng?" The guy says "yes are you Paul and Ken? " Paul looks at me and says...."ok I'm now an agnostic." I asked Hung how did you know it was us and he said "I saw the NY plates and the beards and figured it must be you guys." You can't make this stuff up. As God is my witness this is a true story. Keep on riding and keep on believing.
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