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Originally Posted by Britome View Post
I'm almost sold on this but I need more descriptions of actual performance. Is it better in ruts, hills, mud, etc? How and why? I'm prone to do expensive upgrades just because it is fun wrenching. I'm trying to end that and do that which is functionally noticeable. I'm waiting with baited breath...
I'll attach some threads on the whole subject.
IMO if you use your bike for 50/50 road/offroad, and if your dirt road riding is on a serviced road that 2wd cars can travel, just don't bother. No benefits worth while. For this I believe the standard setup is best. On dirt roads in good nick the bike feels better on the original wheels.

But If you end up on 4wd type twin track often that gets rough, loose, tight and slippery. This is when the larger front wheel is tops. Larger diameter rolls over obstacles and all surfaces easier. Narrower tyres grip slippery off-road surfaces better. The handlebar's require less muscle These wheels are tougher and easier to repair. The setup saves weight (unsprung weight) which = WOW!
Raising the front of the GS 5/8" with the 21" wheel you in theory are increasing trail/rake which can help stabilize control in loose stuff. (I run 18" on the rear and 1" higher at the rear.)
Downside is the bike looses an amount of tarmac cornering manners which f#%ks with my confidence. A Dunlop 908rr on the front has a bit to do with it as well.

I ended up with this setup because of a $500 repair for a dinged cast wheel. (when I first got my bike, I didn't imagine going bush with it) BMW wheels were going to cost lots more. So why not? I love riding this big over sized, overpowered pig through the bush.
-So first I done the wheels.
-Then fark this front 21" is light and twitchy on tar, so got the
Ralle-Moto steering damper.
-Suspension was now too soft for my new off-road abilities so on with
WESA, just a note that I should have got this much sooner & is gr8.
- Flipping mud and spray everywhere from running no fender on the front.
Ralle-Moto to the rescue with triple clamp.

The Ralle-Moto triple clamp firms up the front end. Less twisting and deflection with tons more feedback. Damn sure it's worth having with or without the 21" wheel.

Ralle-Moto triple clamp project
Woody's 21" vs 19" OEM
R1200GS with 21" front wheel
Ralle-Moto steering damper
Woody's Wheels Pic's & story

That'll keep ya busy for a couple of hours and hope it helps.
What have I missed?


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