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Originally Posted by nobrakes View Post
I'd be all over that. Hell, I would be happy with just a live audio feed. The live audio they used to do a few years ago was better than the next day video broadcast they did the day after, considering they cut and spliced and skipped actual racing in order to fit 2 hours of racing into 20 minutes and then filled the rest of the hour with crowd shots and r/c cars.

If they could manage a live video feed with good coverage, cut out the fluff that no one likes anyway and stick to good racing, I'd fork over money for that, either a lump sum for the season or a little more for individual races. The bandwidth and technology to set it up quickly and reliably for each event should make this a whole lot easier to pull off now than ever before. It's freaking 2013 after all. does a bang up job for that series,full on coverage of every warm up,practice,qualifying,everything. Live coverage of all races.

Now they have a feature you can click to shut off announcers and listen to the engines or go on board at will,or from different angles,its pretty cool.
But then that's a big money sport.

Im not paying for 3 or 400 channels so I can watch supercross on cable as I dont watch TV.
Some bikes around at times
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