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just created my first road book How easy was that !
just a 12k loop with lots of direction changes close to where I live (all paved roads) just so I can get the hang of the Nav for the "Condo 750" which I entered - I'm a complete "noob" to Nav rallys so wish me luck
I'm really looking forward to creating longer more interesting routes now and getting out there with more of my mates.. Im thinking that this program will really help the sport no end once it gets out there.
I had a minor issue with printing though. Im using a macbook air and initially printed off another riders roadbook no problems. I switched to firefox and the older google earth and then experienced printing issues - basically a shift in the alignment. I went back to chrome and the latest GE and hey presto no issues. It also appears to me to be a lot faster. Maybe I screwed something up ?

Anyway thanks guys, Now to get this book taped together and get it into my bike, Ive got learning to do !!
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