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Whilst I would generally support the purported broader aims of the introduction of E10 & E15 fuels, I can't help but ponder on the following:

- One might suggest that had it not been for Prohibition, we would most likely have all been running Ethanol and/or Methanol based fuels anyway, which the earliest internal combustion engines ran on it if I recall correctly. It could be argued that Prohibition had more to do with stemming the independent production of vehicle fuels and reinforcing the interests of the then emergent oil companies than with a moral stance on the production, consumption & Yee Haw transportation of alcohol by Good Ol' Boys way on down in Hazzard County... It may have been pushed thru/ough on a ticket of sobriety & morality, but it served another agenda?

- With the increase of the Ethanol percentage not only is the price of peterol/gaz generally rising, but the yield per gallon is perhaps falling too? If I recall correctly the MPG of such fuels will be significantly lower i.e. 30/35% less energy content per volume, so it would seem that the price keeps rising but the MPG keeps falling - "vehicles will typically go 3–4% fewer miles per gallon on E10 than on straight gasoline.1" or "1 Gallon of ethanol contains about 76,000 BTU (BTU- is the amount of energy that is contained it). Gasoline has about 116,000 BTU - to make 1 gallon of ethanol which contains 76,000 BTU, it requires 98,000 BTU just to make it."

Hastily garnered references:

Of course it's far too late to debate the introduction of such fuels, as the decision was made more than a decade ago, yet we must still be aware of the issues it raises for all of us besides those of compatibility & vehicle damage.

Energy content of some fuels compared with ethanol:[60]
Fuel type MJ/L MJ/kg Research
Dry wood (20% moisture)
Methanol 17.9 19.9 108.7[61]
Ethanol 21.2[62] 26.8[62] 108.6[61]
(85% ethanol, 15% gasoline)
25.2 33.2 105
Liquefied natural gas 25.3 ~55
Autogas (LPG)
(60% propane + 40% butane)
26.8 50.
Aviation gasoline
(high-octane gasoline, not jet fuel)
33.5 46.8 100/130 (lean/rich)
(90% gasoline + 10% ethanol)
33.7 47.1 93/94
Regular gasoline/petrol 34.8 44.4[63] min. 91
Premium gasoline/petrol

max. 104
Diesel 38.6 45.4 25
Charcoal, extruded 50 23
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