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Minor mods and issues

I used my spare Garmin direct wire cord and RAM handle bar mount to set up the KLX to be able to use my Streetpilot 2720 tonight. I also added my Gerbing battery cord so I can (carefully) use my heated gear on the bike.

I also did the first oil change tonight. KLX300R owners will sympathize with me when I say that Kawasaki really dropped the ball on the oil filter design. While very similar to the KLR650, it's much smaller and relies on a spring to snug the filter up against the cover (see attached). The spring is loose and almost impossible to keep in position as you re-assemble the filter and cover. After an hour of futzing around, I finally remembered the grease trick and glued that sucker in place with a very small dab while I put back together.

I have now managed to bugger up the threads on both side panel/seat retaining bolts. The supplied bolts are too short and are recessed too far into the side panel to get started easily. Minor nits to be sure but it reminds me of why I wish companies would force engineers to do some hands-on maintenance on the bikes they design.
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