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Originally Posted by 3B43 View Post
First of all, a buddy of mine sent me this RR, saying 'you and this guy have alot in common'. I started reading have communicated with Dennis a few times.

Cafe Racer,'re not alone....."That was over five years ago".......

I built two houses by myself, the last one because my wife wanted acreage for her horses. Kitchen addition, big barn, 1000' of fencing/etc (you get the picture).....and I retired early, turning down a promotion/more $$$ because she wanted me 'out of that fucking job'! I couldn't really argue with her there. I've never been more content! and then.....a year after I retired, she wanted a change....the change being me leaving. Yeah, a divorce! That was five years ago.............

I crawled off, dragging my severed heart, soul, spirit and 'being' and tried to heal up. Can't say I wandered. More like a blind man in a large room trying to find a door and then realizing that there is no door! I have to climb out! Learned alot about ME during my climb out of th at room! Learned ALOT, but am fightin certain aspects of 'me'.

Cut to a much better place! I've taken numerous road trips, over the last 2+ years, and have a few planned for this year. A new bike is sitting in the garage (MultiStrada) and.......have a new woman that 'understands what moves me'! Ain't life interesting!

As Dennis said....I've never been on my bike without having totally clarity/calmness/peace! My mind is in neutral, but totally focused. Some buddy's of mine ride listening to music and want to know why I don't. Simple....when my helmet goes on, I'm totally alone in my own world and I don't want outside influences!

Cafe.....I'm bout 5 hrs north of you in Humboldt county. You ride this way.....
Yeah... On occasion. Planning on riding to Alberta in June. Possibly passing through.

My exhaust must sound awesome when I pass you. Calspeed

Calspeed Moto Studio SF
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