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Really enjoying your RR. Great commentary, and your pictures look like the ones I would take. A couple of mine might even be as good as yours.

This passage had me laughing:

Originally Posted by jbar28 View Post
You know, one of the things I like about traveling a bit outside my normal comfort zone is those interesting little interactions you have with people. Like this morning, I went into the bar / breakfast area of the hotel, and the nice (and distractingly pretty) woman behind the bar said something to me in French while turning to the coffee machine. There wasn't anyone else around at the moment, so I assumed she was asking what I wanted to drink. So in my best massacre of that language, I said "a large black coffee". She looked at me with something between pity and disdain, and said "I need to know your room number". Oh. 203. See, aren't languages fun?
Last summer I rode across France for three weeks and although I've been working on learning some French for some 20 years now, this was the first trip where the locals didn't automatically try to switch to English upon hearing my (probably horrible) accent, and I managed the whole trip without using English. It made for a lot of the "interesting little interactions with people" and was probably the best part of the trip. Alas, the "something between pity and disdain" was still there - I think it's classic French, and the amount of disdain is proportionate to how pretty the girl is.
France is a great country to travel in, especially on a bike!
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