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My friend's name is Johana and her eight year old daughter's name is Alison. She is divorced and a single mom working as a desk clerk in a hotel I stayed at in San Salvador last year while riding the KLR down to Nicaragua. She works 84 hours per week for $54! She works a 24 hour shift every other day and is not allowed to sleep while on duty. There are no holidays and no vacations. Plus, if she has to work extra shifts, there is no extra pay! Yes, life is tough, but Johana is always smiling. And she has a beautiful smile!

Johana told me last year that she had a fiancÚ in Mexico, but that she had never seen him in person, their only communication was through Facebook. I told her that she was beautiful and sexy. She only knew about this man, what he wanted her to know. She needed to find a boyfriend in San Salvador. But, Johana, who is a very religious person seemed convinced that the Lord had chosen this man for her. We became friends on facebook and I have talked to her many times during this past year. In fact, I have talked with her more than any other Facebook friend I have. If you are my friend on Facebook you have saw her and her posting almost every day.

As the time approached for my trip this year, we were planning a visit together. Toward the end of the year, she begin to tell me of a visit from her Mexican boyfriend and that they were to get married. I thought to myself, this will never happen! This guy is just playing with her! Imagine my surprise when he did in fact go to San Salvador and they were married. He was there less than two weeks and had to return to Mexico. They are now planning and saving for her and Alison to join him in May. I am sure they, with the Lord's help, will be successful!

I have never been so happy for a non-family member in my life!
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