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After we got back to the compound, Del offered up another after class trail ride… he also mentioned that we had better rest up a few minutes because we would need to bring our "A" game...bikes were likely to go down on this trip...

Being that this was my last day of riding at RawHyde…I certainly wasn't going to pass it up. Quite a few from our class were going on the BaseCamp Alpha ride or the CV trip the next day so they passed. The only other student to take Del up on his offer was Andrew.

So after a few minutes, Del, Jeff, Jason, Mark, Andrew and I headed out. …

Overall, it was the hardest terrain we faced all weekend. Most of it was in another part of the ranch that we hadn’t been to before. A couple of the hill climbs were tough. We were headed into the evening sun and with the dust kicked up by Del, we had almost no visibility of the ground in front of us…Couldn’t worry about ruts, roots or rocks…just stay on the gas and head for the top…and it was awesome.
He led us all over the place, in and around trees, up and down some fairly steep hills…it was a blast…and no one dropped a bike.

We did pass a couple naked men…Don’t ask, but I think they are in the video.

All in all it was about a half hour ride…it used every trick and technique we learned and then some..

Here are a couple video clips from the trail ride…

(coming soon...)

When we go back to the compound it was a bit depressing…for the past 8 months I have though about riding this weekend almost everyday.
Now it was done…
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