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Originally Posted by David P. View Post
Jenny: I have to agree with regards to the MoJavi bags. We have been using them for rallies since a few years ago and they have really made riding and racing easier! I tried using a backpack again during a ride a while back and I hated it! Heavy and sweaty! They are perfect for rallies as they contain all you need and more and never get in the way. Highly recommended!

Oh, and did I mention that we are Giant Loop retailers..? (But only because they make awesome bags that actually improve your bike instead of the usual opposite)
I totally agree - I was surprised how many riders were wearing backpacks - even those Kriega ones, while excellent (unless you have lady bumps of course, then the Quad-loc really is uncomfortable!), just bulk you up and make you sweat... I won't open a debate about the safety element of crashing with a backpack on either...

Ideally of course you'd stash everything on the bike in dedicated places - water tank bashplate, tools in a fender pack, safety gear and spare gloves etc behind the fairing for example, and have enough fuel capacity in the tank/s - but in practice, especially on enduro bikes, there is limited space unless you start spending a lot of money, and also adding weight and bulk to the bike itself...

I still love the big 'full dresser' rallye bikes, but after the Tuareg this year, I am sorely tempted to to build my XR400 into a ultra lightweight and simple rally bike - virtually no electrics, and just a MRS nav bracket (ahem) on the headstock with a roadbook and single IMO, and a GPS 60. I already have a large enough fuel tank, and a pair of LED lights - and together with a Mojave bag, I reckon I could pretty much ride it to an event, race all week, and ride it home again!

Infact if I could get it together in time, I might even make the start of the Hellas Rallye after all!

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