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Originally Posted by peterthefarmer View Post
I need some advice, I'm sure its been covered here before but here go's.
I have a conversion kit on my XRr( that the previous owner Butchered). I wired the lights and accessories to run off 12v dc sourced from a key switch. I got a hold of a rectifier/regulator to switch the ac to dc to power the battery/ switch. trouble is the R/R has 3 inputs fed from the stater and my bike only has 2. And the regulator on the bike has only one wire coming out to go to the coil and one ground. There is a blue wire coming out of the harness that originally went to the head light, is there a way I could use this wire to feed one leg of the R/R and have 12V dc coming out, or does it need all 3 phases to work?

Let me guess, you found a cheap used R/R from a street bike, Suzuki probably?

Please refer to the xr650r electrical thread, it has lots of poorly organized info.

You need a different R/R. I tried what you are doing to see if it would work a while back. It will not work. Theoretically it should, but I couldn't get it because the r/r had some weird regulation in it that dropped down around the 9v range, which means it needs the third leg to up the voltage.
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