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Originally Posted by GalacticGS View Post
Question from a noobie?

How is security for all of our stuff at the Mexicali hotel? If I'm staying at the HQ hotel, but my bike is going to be in my pickup with various other supporting equipment, etc., am I in trouble? Will I need to have either myself or someone else sleep in the truck each night?
Answer from an old guy:

NEVER leave anything you want to keep in the bed of your truck that isn't locked down. NEVER leave anything inside the cab of your truck you may want to keep. The Security Guards commonly are the the ones who take your stuff. Locks and hardened chains work for stuff in the truck bed because it takes a while and makes noise.

Door locks are rapidly broken and your stuff is gone in seconds, they are professional and they like the stuff racers bring with them. It is not uncommon for entire rigs to disappear. Ford Super Duty Diesels are favorite, they seem to find new lives on ranches and farms out in the middle of no where.
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