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Originally Posted by superhobie View Post
Um okay, ride like 15k miles through Desert/Baja/Sierra Single track/Street and everything in between, like that kind of riding? All done with as little clutch as necessary to start and stop and power up technical rocky uphill single track. Feather your clutch in sandy wash not sure on that one but what ever floats your boat. Point is lots of people who have been riding a long time don't use the clutch either for up shifting or down shifting given the right variables and skill level. As for the purpose its one less thing to do that is not necessary and results in a faster shift, if you choose to use your clutch for every shift congrats, but certainly don't imply that in some way it limits other peoples riding I can assure you it doesn't
Really, a 15k mile ride where the goal is to not use the clutch? Interesting objective.

And since you are opposed to feathering the clutch in sandy washes, I assume you start out with a hundred yards of trenching in 1st and 2nd gears? That's neat.

Well I rode about 200 miles of single track and washes this weekend with a few friends. Included in the bunch is Jack Johnson, Scott Harden, Larry Ragland, and others.

I counted 5 times where I shifted without a clutch. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to.

I couldn't find anyone who admits to not using the clutch or even trying to avoid clutch use.
When talking to Max Switzer (Multiple Baja 500/1000 and Mint 400 wins) he started talking about his 250x with a recluse and how it only takes quick let off on the throttle to shift. Then someone mentions that you can do this without a recluse, and the response was "yeh, but..."

Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
Lots of guys rarely use the clutch, it's common practice for many racers. The tranny handles it fine as long as the rider knows what he's doing. The clutch enguagment is actually the hardest thing on the bike's motor oil by far, as the plates come together the oil molicules get sheared breaking them down

And that is why a couple quarts of oil only lasts 600 miles and why the spec such frequent oil changes.

The goal isn't to avoid using the clutch, the goal is to keep the engine and tranny revs matched during a shift, which can be difficult at times and why we have clutches. If you are matching engine/tranny speeds good enough to shift without a clutch, you will not cause any more wear and tear by using the clutch because there is not much slippage between the plates. It is no more harmful than pulling the clutch on a bike that is parked in the garage.

The idea that clutch use adds wear and tear is bullshit, complete bullshit. And encouraging people to not use a clutch, because some think this is what racers do is also bullshit.
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