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Originally Posted by Dracula View Post
Real interesting and useful thread. It helps me decide if I will have what it takes to tackle such major repair or take it to the dealer. My 07 GS 1200 has now 85,000 miles. I do all my maintenance - thanks also to Jim's DVD. Clutch feels normal still and no issues knock wood so far. But I started thinking maybe I should plan for a clutch inspection/replacement if I were to take a really long trip. Except for occasional stop light holding in, I never abuse the clutch, still wondering what it's expected life or the splines are. Talking to my brother who is an auto mechanic - he says no one ever lubes clutch splines on cars.
I missed if you posted the mileage on this GS you are working on, although may not mean much about clutch wear - depends on usage and day of week the bike was built, as I gather from similar threads.

Vic, his bike has right around 77K on it.

I will say this, and I have also mentioned it to the owner, whom I've ridden with quite a few times on his many bikes..... he seems to have a tendency to really slip the clutch when starting out.... whether it be at a stop light or whatever. He really brings up the engine RPM and feathers the clutch (IMHO - excessively) to get under way. I've found no real contamination in the entire clutch assembly, so I am sure his engagement procedure has helped contribute to the failure.

I have found several more robust friction plates, but it appears the pressure plate assembly here in the US is locked up by BMW. I have asked the collective in the European community I know (through the Concours Owners Group) if there is an offering on that side of the pond that we aren't privy to here. Will see if anything comes back.

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