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Originally Posted by crypto666 View Post
The idea that clutch use adds wear and tear is bullshit, complete bullshit.

Well, it kind of does if you think about it. Every time you pull the clutch the plates travel on the basket fingers grinding aluminum away until you have grooves worn into the basket, which then causes a grabby clutch, which in turn causes slippage which results in added wear/tear. This is why I mentioned the clutch based on that fellers oil test...the metals that were a little high are from the clutch.

The cure for me is a billet Hinson basket that doesn't wear...I think it's hard annodized too. I clutch every shift because I'm not perfect and it's easy to damage a shift fork if you don't match the revs perfectly every single time. You've really got to be in the zone to hit your marks perfectly to ride without using the clutch, like a road race car driver.
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