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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Congratulations on completing a stellar adventure

If you have time or inclination I know some of us DR650 riders would love to know how the bike held up ... here are a few ideas.
1. Maintenance issues?
2. Part failures or parts replaced? (beyond normal maintenance parts)
3. Any cracked sub frame or chassis issues?
4. Any wheel bearings go bad?
5. Any thing else?
My experience with the DR650 was that the moto was solid. I started with a new 2011 DR650 and did all the modifications myself. Check out the mods at this link.

1. No real maintenance issues. I oiled my chain every 500 miles. I changed my oil and filter every 3000 miles, cleaned my air filter every 3000 miles or after lots of dirt riding. Changed my tires about every 8000 miles. Tubes lasted 27,000 miles. Washed her every once in a while.
2. No failures or breakdowns. I had to replace my spark plugs on the road once after riding various altitudes and started to experience some poor acceleration and fouling.
3. No issues with the subframe or chassis. I kept it all stock just in case of issues on the road, but did not experience problems. I had a Pat Walsh Design rear rack that connects to the rear handle grab. After riding some 20,000+ miles, while riding some rough roads in Bolivia, while carrying 10 liters of gas in a spare tank, one of the handle grab welds broke. It was bearing a lot of weight over some rough roads. I had it rewelded for $2. See the story under Bolivia
4. No problem with wheel bearings. I lubed them maybe 2 or 3 times.
5. I oiled my chain quite a bit, kept fresh tires, bought the best quality gas available always, tried to travel with a light load that was centered. I invested most of my money on protection and comfort modifications. I did not change the motor, exhaust or suspension at all.

I did lay down my moto a few times at low speeds, but it did not result in any damage, just scratches.

I hope that this answers your questions.

- Troy
2011 Suzuki DR650
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