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yesterday, mr. pill and I met up with some bmw fruits and the owner of my old 950 , in kent, ct.

a couple of them were pretty quick, i was impressed

mr.pill had enough with the whole dual sport scene and was pricing out cruisers at dutchess rec. it was nice riding with ya buddy....

this morning i met RS at 301/TSP, then we railed some dirt roads for a bit before meeting the NEST crew at annsville circle

the niner is so awesome, i am lovin' life...

rode with the nest guys for a bit. one of them, on a wr250, was having tailight flashing issues. it was so bad that RS had an epileptic seizure and fell over. i would have helped him pick the bike up, but there was nobody else to take pics...

we ended up doing some fairly rocky trails, it was a workout riding the big girl. line choice was paramount. i am going to have to get some real tires if i continue to ride the niner like this.
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