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I left Turkmenistan at the border post of Farab. It was hot when I got there. I had to take off all my luggage and put it on a conveyor belt. It was x-rayed. I pushed the bike to the other side of the building to load up all my gear. Then another official told me that they wanted to search my luggage again. I had to take it off and it was inspected in a seperate room. I was pissed.
The Uzbek border took about 3 hours. Unfortunately there was a group of German tourists in front of me. They were with a Russian tourguide who was very helpful. I would meet her again in Bukhara.
I don't remember if I bought insurance for the bike, but I had to declare in detail how much money(which currencies) I had on me. And customs officials also tried to explain to me that I couldn't leave the country at the border post I had planned (Pendzhikent). At the time, it didn't make sense to me and I didn't worry.
When I arrived in Bukhara it was dark. Normally I try to avoid this, but after the border I felt too tired to continue and I took a longer nap under a tree, along a canal.
I found myself a nice place to stay in Bukhara, the bike was parked in the courtyard, the room was on the ground floor, it was 20$ with breakfast, air condition, private bathroom and shower. And there were other tourists, which I like especially when I am travelling alone.

I will upload pictures as soon as photobucket works again on my computer.
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