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This is the setup I'm looking to do for my 990 once the stock rubber wears out, is the TKC80 decent on the highway? I have a trip to the Pikes Peak international hillclimb in June and will be putting on 2,500 miles of pavement but once I return I want to ride a lot of dirt and have heard from many people that the Mefo and TKC80 is a great combo, I just hate to put the front on and kiss it goodbye down the highway in a week.

Any suggestions??? I greatly appreciate the help!
I put a mefo rear and tkc front on my 990 in October. It's been about 7-8000 miles on the pair since that has included a big offroad trip when new (they were great) and a few offroad afternoons since worn (they do just fine) as well as superslabbing it across the country and on daily commuting. The front is now cupped pretty well, the rear has a minor flat strip in the middle, and the pair has gotten slightly wiggly if riding hard on pavement but I have no real complaints. I hated the on-road handling change from the stock scorpions when I first put them on but now I have no complaints, great combo.
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