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I know what you mean about being on a budget. I need a stator but just bought my bike so the toy-fund is dry... I have to plug the battery it has into a charger every couple days to keep the signals, tail and brake light and horn working. The head light is kinda scary at night too. I'd also like to put new jets and seals in the carb, it has a few issues...Just thought the tach is a good way to sort out your gearing
Haha, well I think I'll find out for sure when the speedo gets here. I've found a couple of chrome analog tachs that wire to a coil. I'm going to look into those. I KNOW this bike isn't running to it's potential, and I think the air filter + jetting will fix it. I know I'm not lucky enough to put the air filter in, and it run perfectly That BD analong speedo will bolt onto one side of the two holes there for the factory odometer, it'd be real nice to find an identical tach to bolt on the other side in the other factory hole.

After I get this stuff on it, and rejet it, I'm going to change the oil and start riding it to work every day. I can't wait. Also my budget is about gone, so riding it to work will make that day go easier when I see my bike outside and realize that on my next paycheck I can buy more junk for it!
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