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RMX250 halfway build

I'm pretty good with motors , but the shiney stuff is not my thing. So this is only halfway. I may powdercoat eventually but so far it's just to get it running & riding
What I bought was a 93 rmx250. I like the wide ratio trans of the RMX & Guy Coopers' whip in the early 90's Dirtrider always had me wanting an RM. I'm more of a big bore 2-stroke guy so the motor really needed to be breathed on a bit. I ended up just using the 93 trans & clutch. The jug is from a 91 RM which has the biggest exhaust port of the series. The case & crank are 1995 because they started using crank stuffing in the later motors. The head is a 95 rm because it actually has a squish band. I'm using VF3 reeds because they reduce crankcase volume too. I would have done some stuffing but I am lazy.

Here I gotta say thanks to Bix & Mike Wier. Mike runs OEM-CYCLE.COM Bix', place is called , these 2 gave me a smoking deal on the crank & jug. Both parts were to me in 3 days.

I had others supply parts but these guys stood out.

I'm also using a new PSI pipe I found on ebay for $125 shipped, talk about SCORE.

I intend to dual-sport this for a bit , but as with anything I build its always for sale. As part of the dual sporting I went with a KTM LC4 tank & grafted it to the bike. I figure I need the extra range of more fuel. I really wanted a 6.6 gallon 2003 yz250/450f tank but couldnt find one so I took what was cheap.

My photos will start with the motor & I'll kinda go from there as I complete the build. The handle bars on these are way far back & I have a trick for that. The plastic & seat cover colors that are available now dont match the old suzuki yellow & I have a few tips on that.

I do have a question though , have any of you used permatex anti-sieze on your powervalves. I've been using it on my last 3 powervalve motors & it takes a few rides to really loosen up but once it does it works quite nice. It kinda helps keep you from beating on a fresh motor because the powervalves dont react as fast as normal so you kinda ride a DOG till the lube melts in .

Sorry for the long post but I'm kind of a Blatherer

Pics to come

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