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My back hurts, my knees don't work I rode today and felt like I had never ridden before.

I showed up early to grade the track at the country club on a track that I hated in the previous two rides, all SX with gatorbacks before the jumps, whoops between the jumps, HUGE doubles that I couldn't do, it was way beyond me and I sucked...

Table,4 whoops, 40' uphill table,

There were sections I could not do, gatorback to a 20' double...nope, EASY 30' blind double, nope I was a pussy, I couldn't do anything on the track.

I tackled the gatorback 20' double first and after casing it multiple times I cleared the sand from my vagina and pined it over the 3 whoops in front of the double and made it....ok next.

Double, triple, table, triple(quad but not for me, remember I am a pussy)on the front straight and I finally get it.

Now there is that EASY blind double in the middle of the track that I just would not do, I went in for water and one of my riding buddies said he did it and just roll it on in 3rd gear and you will clear it no problem and I told him I would by the end of the day... after I said that I mustered up what little testosterone I had and hit it first lap...Whoo hoo! SO FRIGGEN easy once you do it.

I finally had done every jump on the track and could get some rhythm going and it all came together, only took 3 days but I felt great by the end of the day.

Now if I could only get out of my Lazyboy and get to bed.. 1st race is next weekend
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