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Originally Posted by zora View Post
Has anyone on here, who had a broken arm/elbow, used one of these?

My surgeon suggested it last week since I am five months out and still only have about a 90 degree bend to my arm. Insurance won't way the $1900 price tag. Stinks cuz I could gain my ROM back so much quicker with the device, but insurance prefers to pay up to $8000 in PT visits and prolong my recovery.

So I am wondering if this little contraption is worth me paying for it out of my pocket or if anyone has a used one for sale....

I used one but it wasn't as nice as that one and I was already nearly getting to full bend at the time I started using it. I'd say it sped up the process only a little. But, this was after I already had some of the metal removed from my elbow. You might be able to rig up something with those exercise bands to keep tension on your arm to make it bend. My PT said those braces use a constant tension on you muscles to fatigue them until they relax and the arm bends a bit more.

Are you gaining any ROM or are you stuck at 90 degrees? What does your PT person think is stopping your elbow? Ortho Docs are pretty arrogant and counting the one who put all that metal in me, I saw 4 Drs. who all said the hardware was not the cause of my lack of range. Yet as soon as I had some of it removed I started seeing good progress. Funny thing is that they all took x-rays and looked at them but not one of them actually moved my arm to feel what was going on.

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