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OK, it's finally update time again

It's a long story about what went wrong in the process of getting them, but the mirrors are here
Hereís a head-on shot of my scooter to show what it looks like at night. Actually, thereís been a minor change. See where that marker light should be right next to the starboard headlamp? See where thereís a noticeable glow from within the bodywork a little ways below and to the side of that? Itís just to the left (photo left Ė scooter starboard) of the wheel and fender. I took a few minutes and got that marker light back where itís supposed to be. Again
Getting back to talking about the new mirrors, letís refer to the next two pictures for a couple of moments.

I think the way the running lights and turn signals work on these mirrors is pretty strange. The amber/yellow light you see above is actually a running light. Itís on anytime the engine is running.

Now, do you see that little red LED thatís lit up just to the right of the running light thatís not lit up? Yeah, that tiny little red thing is the turn signal. If you just went then you had the same reaction I did. I figured that either whatís actually the running light would just flash as a signal or that it would be the turn signal and the LED would be the running light. This seems just a little to me.
Oh well, at least I have TWO mirrors and the lights in them actually work even if they provide a better view of my elbows than they do most of the road behind me Iím still good to go and Iíll keep on riding
One other thing I have to report is that I've managed to figure out what the speedometer error is! I used a GPS speedometer app on my iPhone, so take this for what it's worth.
At an indicated 25 MPH, I'm actually going 21. From there up through indicated 50 MPH (actual 45 MPH), it's all a simple 5 MPH difference with the speedometer reading 5 MPH too fast.
Have fun and keep riding everyone
Learnin' to drive the Big Iron!
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