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Originally Posted by Jayrod1318 View Post
Got an oil analysis done. bike has 3,000 miles on it. oil is shell rotella 15w-40.

Oil has 950 miles on it.

Bike has been well taken care of its whole life.

Not quite sure about the wear metals in this sample.

Humm an oil analysts led to the clutch conversation /argument
people are only speculating on the iron coming from the steel plates of the clutch there a few other sources I can think of
I looked at the oil analysis and wondered where the copper came from?
Oil is cheap change it often

On clutch use I aint gona stop abusing mine when I need to (its got great action)
Honda made it easy to access for a reason.
Clutch use is a learned skill, if you are riding competitively it can make big difference (On starts, brake turning into corners riding a gear high out of corners speed shifting , rough rocky sections ect
I love my clutch.
I am skeptical if a recluse could withstand the 650r power and same riding technique?
Bad thing is the 650r clutch will let you know fairly quick if your overheating it (its kinda weak) by the play at the lever, once you feel the extra play you better adjust your technique or slow down.
Now get out and abuse your clutch and have some fun.
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