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Originally Posted by Rhyno View Post
Propane tanks are easy to find and a lot of people have used them for BBQs. I personally don't like them because of their size. Not only the diameter, but also the thickness. The thickness makes the whole thing rust out quickly because of acids and oxidations from the charcoal, but also their previous life.

If you decide to use one, make sure it is empty, and start to figure out some "Riggin."

It'll be tight, but the top valve unscrews. Wrap some motorcycle tie-downs around an unmovable corner post and the tank, with a few wraps. Make sure the corner post has some sort of stop to keep the whole thing from rotating. (Multiple wraps of the Tie-Down around the tank, by itself, will prevent the tank from spinning.) Find a wrench that fits the valve, and get a 5 foot cheater bar.

Once the valve is unscrewed, fill the tank with water. The water will purge all flammables. Fill it up with water, then pour it all out.... Now you are SAFE to cut and grind. (as long as your purging is happening in a different place from your cutting.)

A 5" grinder with a .065" Wafer wheel will cut a finer/smoother/better looking line than Plasma, Oxy/Acet torch, a Jig saw, or anything else. (Of course, lay it out with a straight edge and scribe.) Plus with a thinner cut, the pieces will line up to make a nicer lid/hinge joint.

Also, a round wheel sometimes is tough to do a square corner, so you might have to cut 99% and then finish the corners with a hand held jig saw. Once the pieces are apart, be light handed, but then dress the edges with a grinder.

Get some weld on barrel hinges. Don't get the ones with grease Zerks. Don't use grease, unless you want your burgers to taste like wheel bearings....:haha

Well that is probably enough.....(collar bones and neck are hurting)

Keep up the good work...

Hey - you never did say - what did you get into to get all broken up? I hope you heal soon!

Hmmm...never thought about them rusting out quickly due to the metal being so thin, but that's something to consider. I'm just always brainstorming with all the junk I have amassed.

I'm getting ready to swap out our old 50gal water heater for a new 80gal one in the next week or two when it shows up. I'm also wanting to gut the old one to make a cool little burn pit for the deck. Always something!...
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