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Originally Posted by MSteven View Post

Patience Hell! I want to go kill something!

Luckily my 1100GS is still blocked in the mini barn by the tractor/snowblower.

I got one late last season and when a buddy bought a 1200GSADV, I ordered one for him. He's had his out a few times already so I gave him the one I had and now am waiting less patiently for the last one.
I'm in the "Get back to the workbench, Thing" camp. We'll make sure your gruel is extra lumpy tonight.
Heh heh, you guys are the best. So considerate. 

The gimp made it out of the basement today though. For two whole hours to watch the MotoGP season opener! What a race, what a race. I'll take the lumpy gruel in exchange for it, you know, as punishment.


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