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Originally Posted by dsc522758 View Post
2009 Kawasaki KLR650
I have read most of this entire thread over the past week. I do all city and or slab riding and would like somethng like the 44's for daytime visibility. I just don't think I would ever need all the light 60's give! I understand running these at 100% at night on city streets would not be very considerate of oncoming vehicles so you recommend one of your LED Dimmers with High Beam Bypass which sounds promising. I don't think I need another key FOB in my collection so I was looking at the Rotary one. I have also checked out the Skene product also. A few questions for you and sorry if they have been answered somewhere else in this great thread.
Where or how exactly does the Rotary LED Dimmer mount? To the bars? On a panel?
I understand the Model 44 Flood Light is a glass lens. Does the Xpel Light Protection slip-on to the flood light housing to protect the glass from breakage? Is the Xpel a replacement lens?
The rotary dimmer is surface mount. You can mount it anywhere you have the space. I like mine mounted behind either the brake or clutch (if equipped) master. Like this

The xpel lens protection is a product developed by 3m to protect aircraft windshields. It is not a replacement lens, it is attached with adhesive and becomes permanent about 20 minutes after application. Here is what it is made of.
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