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Originally Posted by Snowhite808 View Post
Soften it up a little.
36 psi is something like total max that the tire should ever be used with.
Also, please always mention the tire sizes and models. K60 and K60scout and size etc.
PS! To the highway runners - they do overheat going 100mph and get dangerous in the twisties, when wet. So keep it calm and stay safe - they are 50/50 tires.
I have about 7000 very mixed conditions on my 950 and no cracks nor problems. Wearing down to the fat center strip will create more patch but gets slippery in mud/grass situations.
For that money though - as good as it gets.
That's what I would like to know also. Wondering what the difference in wear would be between the 140 and 150 18's and if both sizes are having the cracking problems. Can you tell us what size you are running?
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