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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
How'd I miss crossing paths last night? I owe you beers and a lunch. Your recommends were highlights! Although a lesser savvy rider on the Parkfield grade at night in the rain... But for me it was a nice kicker to end the night with. Thank You!

But the journey is far from over. Since I bailed on my part four route I'll do that tomorrow when I leave. I promise to take more photos. And I'll add the ones from my Nikon to replace some of these IPhonies.

Stay tuned...
Hey DesertSurfer,

Sorry to have missed you, too ... just goes to show it was a successful event! There were a bunch of my pals I saw across the room, but didn't get a chance to speak with ... we really enjoyed Pyndon, and what a wonderful presentation he did ...

Glad to hear you enjoyed some of the roads up here ... looking forward to the Nikon pics ...

see you around the campfire,
-- SFMCjohn
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