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Originally Posted by jonnyc21 View Post
Where I understand the point and principal of a Mappable ECU. Unless your doing something like the S3 280 kit is there a benefit at all for someone at the early stage of intermediate to do anything like this?

Maybe its a bit over the top unless your riding the higher classes or upgrading displacement?

Looking for opinions thoughts, etc.

FYI: I am not planing on getting one, more just wondering if anyone has and if so what they liked/disliked about it, how hard to work with things like that...

I don't have one on mine, but I have ridden one with one. It is just like my Berg. It is really nice in extreme conditions. REALLY slippery or really good traction. In mud it is really nice to be able to run a nice soft curve. On grippy rock it is nice to be able to take advantage of the grip.

In the middle it is not as noticeable.

That's about all I have.
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