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Originally Posted by LateNate View Post
I am leaving for the TAT at the end of June. My 05 950 has 20 thou on her with the factory fuel pump. I have the Facet pump in my possession.

Should I replace it before the trip?
FACET: Replacement is fairly simple, but could be a p.i.t.a. on the side of the road or trail. If you choose to wait, consider prepping your facet before you go so it plugs in quickly. Have your tape or wrap on hand to mount the Facet in the OEM holder, silicone, fuel filter, spare fuel line, hose clamps, and fuel connector barb ready. Consider pre-wiring a water resistant 2 pin HM/MT type Male connector to the facet so it simply plugs into the female connector that leads to the main wiring harness. I have not seen anyone offer this with the Facet kit, but it makes sense to make it plug & go. This way you dont have to cut any wires off the OEM pump, and you avoid water-dust-mud intrusion related electrical issues. Something like this:2 pin HM 2.3mm - .090 Male and Female locking connector (If you do the pre-wire on the facet test it before you go. The fuel pump connector is located behind or near the voltage regulator. Disconnect the fuel pump and plug in the facet to make sure it runs and you have it wired into the HM connector correctly.)

Upgrading the OEM Pump: Reading the multitude of pages of the FACET thread, I summed up that the Facet pump seems to fail with roughly the same frequency- or life span as the OEM pump. And there are other issues with the FACET that turned me away from it. Although the OEM pump is an outdated design, it delivers consistent pressure until the points begin to fail 15-20-upwards of 30,000 miles. I recently replaced my points at 20,000 miles, and they were 75% finished. Points kit is about $30- and if it lasts another 15-20,000 miles, I'll be satisfied. Yes the piston has been said to fail, but I think (but cant confirm) this can be avoided/delayed by lubricating the small rod that drives the pump internals (?anyone?). The DR. Bean kit makes sense technically, but is expensive as the FACET, and I think you have to purchase from overseas, which is too much trouble for me.

If you decide to do the points, I can sell you a points kit for $36 shipped.

Has the clutch slave been done?
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