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Originally Posted by kirkster70 View Post
So you and Keith are BFFs now? He's a very smart guy!!!

You may find it easier to mount your beam before mounting your wheels. I kept coming across that when researching mine.

Looks like you're coming right along. Question - with your mega awesome building that I would go crazy inside of (building envy), couldn't you suspend an I-beam down the center length of the roof truss for a trolley and hoist? Or would the truss not support the additional load? Just thinking out loud. You've probably already considered it.
No, not BFF's - but the guy is so creative, I posted a comment on his YouTube page to see if he might have an idea I hadn't considered. He mentioned something about going at it from below. Then I occured to me that I had those two big pieces of I beam I bought at the same time as the Spanco, and I already had the 4" tube from another trip, and the rest just came together with the all thread and I already had the slotted angle from another project I disassembled. I did put two pieces together for additional strength.

Yeah, the building is nice. A buddy and I own it. It was one of those deals that was too good to pass up, especially since it is a couple doors down from my house. Amazing how we can fill it up with stuff.

I wouldn't be confident with the rafters supporting an overhead beam with a couple tons of load. They are about 12' on center. I wouldn't worry about suspending a couple hundred pounds from them, but that's about it. The reason I got the gantry is because I was about to hang a chain hoist from some chain off a truss, and then decided that would be a PITA every time I wanted to move it.

I have thought about taking the wheels back off before mounting the beam. But I've also thought using the chain hoist to lift beam, and just wheel the A frames underneath and attach them. I have a 20' chain with hooks on each end I could attach to the top of the beam and just lift it horizontally in one shot.

As you consider casters for your next project, I'd highly recommend the swivel locks. It's amazing how stable the A frames were on 6" wide wheels. I even unlocked one of them so I could steer the A frame around. Easy peasy.

I've been noodling on the beam clamps all day. I have found some online for $10 a piece, half what the Spanco distributor wanted. But I've also thought of some ways to fabricate them myself. Time to head down to the barn and do some more hands on prototyping.

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