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Originally Posted by KiLeR650 View Post
I'm trying to plan a short little ride with my dad this summer. We've done little trips together before and we always have a blast. This sort of thing looks like it would be great, but I have questions.

How hard would you rate these routes? He doesn't have much experience off paved roads. Second, do you have a line on bike rentals that would be suitable? It doesn't look like the sort of thing he'd want to take a road kind down.

I'm trying to expand his motorcycling horizons a little.
The Cascade Discovery Route is NOT road-bike friendly,
and it was not really designed to accommodate n00bs on a brand new GS with Tourances or similar,
...without some experience and stamina, and hopefully, some knobbies .
An "Adventure Spirit" is definitely required to have fun on much of this Route.

About 20% of the Cascade Discovery Route is what I consider to be.....decidedly not n00b friendly; rocky and nasty even. It was designed to be kick-ass fun for mentally and physically prepared riders on bikes of all types and sizes, including most well-prepared Big Trailies. These are very old and never improved two-track rocky & rutted troads that you would never take any normal, unmodified 4-wheel drive or Sport-Utility on. Blinker-breaking stuff for those that try to ride it without positive authority.
The toughest sections may certainly be bypassed with alternates by some or all of the group.
And I like my groups to be small enough to make this easy to do.

Another 30-60% is definitely challenging for all riders. The percentage of this type of riding depends on your definition of challenging. As much old dirt-only two-track as possible, but doable by just about anyone that has decent experience on any bike, just maybe at a slower pace for those new to dirt (which is just fine).

Less than 20% is plain old gravel, with less than 3% on pavement.

A bike rental place near Bend, Oregon specializes in Dual Sport Rentals, and offers a variety of Dual Sport bikes from small to large:
"got no problem with keeping truly roadless areas as wild....
On the other hand, if it has been logged or mined and roads already exist,,
...then that land should be open for public use" (peterman)
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