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Sorry, we didn't stay around. We finished the race, laid around the trailers, packed up, turned our transponders in, and hurried up to get in the car at 3pm, so we could sit in traffic til 5pm. We should have parked and came to your trailer.

But yeah. Holy crap!!! That was so intense!

I had so much adrenaline going at the start. I've been involved in racing in some form or fashion over the years, mostly in college. But always in a support, engineering role. Never as a racer. The dead engine start only helped to intensify the awesomeness of the start. I got some good video of that. Me and Jonathan were in a drag race. Video evidence shows that he won the sprint to the corner, but only cause I could barely keep the front end down and the back end was sliding everwhere. Going to have to practice dead engine drag racing sometime. But Jonathan I got good video of you almost wiping out on that second turn.

But then we got to that monster hill at the start. I think it took me 7 mins to get up it. LOL
I paused at the bottom to let the congestion clear and then followed two guys up. One guy stopped and dropped his bike in the middle of the trail, so I slowed down and then stopped and fell over. I ended up having to go back down the hill, and let 3 or 4 other classes pass me before I got back up it. Had a hard time starting the bike. But everyone cheered when I reached the top.

So yeah after that and all the kicking of the bike, I was beat like Jonathan. So I took it pretty easy, let every one pass me. I got lucky on the big hill after the mud bog and actually passed a few people. I had one other small silly drop. But I stopped 6 or 7 times on the first lap to recharge. I wiped out on on the outside of one of the hairpins on the motocross part of the tracks. A lady came up to me and offered me water and words of encouragement. I hung out there for about 3 mins and just watched dudes fly by. At this point I think I was getting double lapped. I went back after the race and thanked the lady and her husband. There was one big downhill that I ended up not being able to hold the brake and clutch in and I went down hard and saw some stars. Probably going to get the helmet inspected after that one. I got up and tried to drink some water and was all out. 3/4 of the way through the first lap and I was out of water! I finished the first lap in 1.5 hours.

But the second lap went much better, about halfway through it, a guy rides up next to me with a safety vest on and says he is the race sweeper and that I'm the last rider on the track. I ended up only stopping maybe once I think. And then had two drops. One I did a nice stoppie over the handlebars on a downhill and the bike was stopped straight in the air on its nose. Too bad the gopro had already died. The race sweeper was nice and helped me pick the bike up. We got to one of the final checkpoints and a safety guy said I had to quit, and I said hell no and that the pros weren't going for another 45 mins. The race sweeper backed me up and they let me keep going. It actually wasn't too bad since I had the track to myself! But I finished the second lap in about 57 mins and if I am right, the second lap was longer than the first by about 1.5 miles due to the start location. All in all had an awesome time. I got a brush guard ripped off, a big contusion on my left thigh, maybe mildly concussed, and a big bruise on the back of my left calf from a guys front forks hitting me from behind. Forearms are also shot like Jonathans.

I'll edit the video and get it up. Only really got the start because a tree took out the video around the 18 min mark.

Good to meet you guys, are you thinking about going to the RDV rally in May?
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