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Originally Posted by gefr View Post
Also the central nut being loose and/ot the deeper steel disc having a groove developed from friction to the belevil spring. I suggest you check all these. Not too much time needed. 1/2 an hour if you do not get you hands dirty(using gloves) or another 10' for washing hands. Cheers.
Not hi jacking the thread, this will help the OP too:

I have exact problem as the OP but it does not happen on every cold morning. Its sporadic.

The other day, I took the clutch cover off, took all the plates off and measures the pack. It was within spec as 50.50mm so as all the disks and plates. Springs were just above the spec at 29.45mm. BUT the last disk had the groove you are talking about. I can't see how the groove can't happen! That disk is right against the spring washer.

How does this groove can cause snappy clutch with cold oil?! I'm puzzled and very curious.

ATT OP: This was a 30 min job. No oil lose with bike on side stand. I put couple pieces of plywood under the rear tire just in case. Keep in mind you have to torque 6 bolts holding the springs to 10nm which is critical as far as I know.
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