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April 3rd, 2013

It seems that Spring is slow showing up here in the hills but today is certainly nice enough to ride. I had a few errands to run in Ashvilley so I took the beemer and found myself a nice little ride late in the morning. Went by Europsort for a few then took off from there in an easterly direction.

This road was Ok for a while then here came all these sucky curves again.

I only took very few photos off the bike, most everything here is on the fly so sorry for the poor quality..but you can get the idea of this ride. Here at the little gap on the Divide.

Enough of this well traveled road, let's hit some less traveled...they say the bears wallow up here. Last time I came up here was on a bicycle maybe 10 years ago.

Dirt! fast did they think I was going already I guess I should speed up now....

Ah!!! Darn gate is locked! Now is when I need that bicycle!

I decided to hang around the top a while to see if any of the tower folks may open the gate and I could sweet talk myself a ride, this phone guy showed and he could not get in either...he shut his truck off...then it would not start. Just had a mechanic work on it a few days ago for erratic starting problems after having a new battery installed...

I decided to go over and see if he needed any help ( like I might know something ) He may be good at phones but on trucks....well....?? He had a VOM so we checked the battery...good voltage...solenoid only clicked when he hit the starter. I got to looking at the cables for corrosion,,,should have taken a photo!! The darn pos cable going to the starter motor was only bumping against the pos post and NOT under the bolt??? How's that for battery installation I told him to fix that while I took some more photos and in a minute or so...the truck fired right up and he came over and thanked me. He was a really nice guy...still no key to the gate so I took a few shots in the other direction and headed down toward the other side.

There used t be a little airstrip right on the top of this a big level pasture that had been improved and leveled and several planes up here in a hanger. Now its gone and these million dollar plus homes are here...I had no idea! Where does all this money come from?

They are going to cover up every mountain top we got with homes sticking up in the air...who wants to live up here in 100 mile an hour winds??? Not locals!

See that wind sock in the yard...last remnant of the old airstrip I guess....

Its still pretty up here. We used to absolutely fly down through here on mountain bikes on a good dirt road...

Can't tell from this shot but that big Oak on the left must be 10 foot in diameter at the base.

Ok, down in the valley on Clear Branch I thinks, where the apples grow...

And Texas Long Horns

And some big ol' Herefords

think I saw his Blue Ox out back...

Headed for Terry's Gap

Into the back side of Fletcher ....

I like barns...

Even metal ones can have some character...

Taking some back roads toward Brevard then over the hill on 276 to the Haywood Hacienda...

Pulled off on a dirt road for water and pee and looks like the bike before me burned up

Take note, I may throw this up in the NC tag game or ATOR some day (9999)

Trying to decipher the hieroglyphics... some humanoids thousands of years from now may find this and wonder about us....

Rollin' on

is there any wonder why my tires never wear out in the middle??? This bike is basically new with just over 3K on it and the original metzelers are trashed on the edges. I am headed for Austin TX to see my son in a few weeks then maybe on to NM before heading back so guess I'll need new rubber before I go.

Just before turning up my driveway, I see I have 3,330 miles at 3:30

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