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Been working from can to cant lately. But im back with my problem. Klr still won't crank cold without a shot of ether/carb cleaner or something flammable! Took the carb and stock choke cable (with a cracked plastic nut,you know the one im talkin about)off my 88 model. 5 kicks later, up and running. So, I'm gonna swap them again and put the stock cable on the problem bike. Hoping it will crank like that. If so ill throw away that aftermarket choke and buy a stocker. Any other suggestions? Hope to get back to it by the weekend.
Would be surprised if your problem's the "choke." The device remains pretty simple; the plunger is an IN/OUT OFF/ON device; when OFF the plunger plugs its fuel orifice in the carb and an associated air passage; when ON, both these are opened to provide a fuel-rich starting mixture.

The cable and means used to insert and withdraw the enriching plunger shouldn't be critical, IMHO; YMMV!

As to the broken plastic choke cable cap: Stead Engineering sells a metal replacement part.
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