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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
I saw on Dave FB page that PAl Anders has his flight booked....

My 450 RR is STILL not here.....its been 7 months!!

But there is very good chance I will still get it this week.
Seems like Pal Anders never made it to Zambia

Translated from his website:

When Pål Anders arrived OSL Degrees Moen with his family on Wednesday, they had to wait several hours before they were told by SAS that the plane they would be on to London, was canceled. Thus, they would probably not reach the plane to Lusaka, Zambia. Pål Anders had to be in Zambia's capital later Thursday morning to take part in Friday's rally, and a little hope opened up when he got to be on a different flight to Frankfurt, then flyes on to South Africa and from there to Lusaka. But then also this plane delayed by three hours and when was the last opportunity to reach Lusaka Friday night after all the events in Zambia would be finished.

After half a day with her boyfriend and 9 months. old child at the airport, had family eventually realize that a return home to Ullevålseter was key.

Pål Anders is naturally disappointed, not least on behalf of David Reeve and the gang who had prepared so much for this planned stay.
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