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Originally Posted by tehdutchie View Post
Great quote from Don @ CPW (when he was talking to the Austrian guys that built his KTM 450RR engine).

Austrian guy said something like: 'Hows the engine doing'?
Don:'We seem to be down a couple of K's in topspeed'
Austrian guy: 'Are you sure your rider is giving it full throttle?'

Turns out that the exact same engines were used by CD and MC.. When used by factory riders, they had a topspeed that was a little higher...

Read into it what you think, 9 out 10 times it is all in the wrist...
Quite possibly. Reminds me of the Robby Gordon video from 2012 or 2011 where they showed his throttle graph and the 80% of the time he had his foot on the floor. Stunning WOT time. Chavo has high praises for the factory Showa suspension telling me that he was still exploring the limits as it is not bottoming where his previous bike would have. If Coma and Goncalves, on proven bike that they are intimately familiar with, can have a bit more confidence at how something will be absorbed at speed, obviously they won't slow as much as Chavo or someone might when still discovering that edge.
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