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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
they keep getting better. Milsapps goes down in his heat race and passed most of the field by the end of the first lap he was cutting through them like a hot knife through butter. awesome racing I can' think of another sport where you can bring it into a stadium like that and be able to equal or even eclipse it's original. the only thing you can't do or have is big hills but all things considered for them to be able to get that level of riding inside a stadium is remarkable. those were serious whoops that lites rider (can't believe I used that term) who lost his transfer in the LCQ found out the hard way as did quite a few others. Villopotto looks to be firmly in the drivers seat the guy just does not settle for anything less than a win. I wonder what Kawasaki will do when it is time to resign him he'll want big $$$. incredible race I'm not a big fan of Wharton byt Musquin said twice in his post race interview that he was faster then them and he knew it but it looked to me like he finished 3rd. It's not over yet!
Those 1st couple laps with Wharton and Musquin dicing and slicing was the best race of the night,neither shut off then Wharton pulled away and didnt fall down,Wharton is very determined to make a name for himself. He was steady at the front and did a great job!

And Yup,those whoops were a real deciding factor,one false move and your race is over or vastly changed for the worse.
Dont want to get tired.

Ive ridden practice days at Marysville MX here locally,they always had an ambulance at the ready and kept it by the man made whoops.
Guys doing pile driver imitations pretty regular.
Some bikes around at times
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