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Final Chapter

Tiddie Springs II (Late March)

In early March the wife and I did an overnight camp trip and riding in the Tiddie Springs area of the Owyhee Mtns. north of Silver City (see above post). We knew we wanted to come back to do more exploring of the area before it gets too hot and infested with Rattle Snakes (according to my wife's fears), so we chose to go back in late March.

Prelude to day 1. I lead off with a water obstacle to get you laughing.

My wife at the Kane Springs mud puddle



and After

I about fell off my TW laughing. She got soaked, but was a great sport about it. She hates deep water, but loves mud puddles

Ok, now that I fully embarrassed by wife, I'll move on. (Just for the record, if it would have been me, I would have posted the photo's and video's also) I'm pretty sure I would

Here's a shot of the tracks we rode for the 2 days

We arrived later on Thursday night than we wanted, but when we got there, Rocky (fellow TW rider) was all setup (photo actually taken after day 1 ride, but included it here for the story)

Our little spot in the sagebrush

Never met Rocky before, so we made our introductions, talked for a while, they we all went to sleep for the night ready to go riding the next day

Day 1, the riding begins

View heading south on Tiddie Springs road. Can't beat this early season weather

Rocky all geared up

We arrived at Tiddie Springs for a snack

After Tiddie Springs, we headed west up to the ridge through some left over winter snow and mud. On top of the ridge Rocky flagged down
some other riders to get a road condition report of what the roads were like up ahead (Black Mtn Rd). I didn't take any photo's while on Black Mtn rd.

Stopped back at camp for a quick stop half way through the day

After lunch we headed back out on the ride. Rocky mentioned going on a quick side trip up to a mine. The mine wasn't much but a couple of small digs
in the hillside, but it had great views

We will all head to the Joyce Livestock Co. cabin on this road tomorrow. For today, Rocky decides to head back to camp while me and the wife decide
to continue riding

Wife and I continue on the days ride and decide to grab a few geocaches in the area that we skipped from our previous ride

George keeping a lookout for us at the first cache

Can you spot the thing with 2 ears??

Wife hiding something? Can never get to far from civilization, she hiding her cell phone from me at the first cache. Trying to check her txts. Bad Girl!

And a quick shot of our second geocache we found before heading back to camp for the evening

Earlier in the day my wife had mentioned something to Rocky about riding out here and finding some kind of grave or something.
After dinner, the wife and I decided to walk around camp when low and behold, we find a grave. Albeit a family pet. Still a grave!

Day 2

Well, we were suppose to meet up with heyduke and my oldest daughter today. We kind of expected heyduke the day before, but weren't real sure.
Rocky was able to make some kind of cell contact with heyduke and he was in an area about 12 miles away. So we headed in the direct of Kane Springs
where we eventually met up with him. My daughter was suppose to be at camp around 11:00 a.m., but was a no show when we got there. She showed up
around 1:30 p.m.

So, with the gang all rounded up, we head towards the Joyce Livestock Co cabin. Here we all are at the top of the summit of the road I mentioned in day 1,
south of the mine

Great view of the Owyhee Mtns. and of Hayden Peak

Wife and I had previously went by the cabin, but didn't stay long as there were other folks there. Today we get to walk around and spend some time.
Here's a couple interesting photo's in and around the cabin

After visiting the cabin, we again decide to take separate ways back to camp. Rocky and heduke go back the way we came, wife, daughter and I
take a different route.

Day before, wife and I rode on the road in the upper left, S200. We had to open and close a gate and saw S240 road which runs right beside
S200, didn't have any gates to ride through. So, though we decided to skip the gates and ride S240. We now know why S240 isn't as wore down
as S200, steeper and rockier. Alot!

Here's a closer view of the girls negotiating the steep rocky decent, which I had already ridden.

Well, we made it back to camp safe and sound, had a little dinner, and enjoyed the rest of the night chatting with Rocky around the campfire

Had a great time with Rocky, heduke, my wife and daughter. So concludes the Admiral's adventures. The End
For the record, I hate snakes!

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