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Originally Posted by jaumev View Post
I like to see pictures from places I've just visited few weeks ago!!

You are right, is very important to have good lights, there is always one day you needed. Ad drive by night in Morocco is very dangerous, also in the roads, most of people there don't use lights.

Keep coming, and thanks for sharing your trip

I am a Moroccan that is always scarred to hit a moped or a car without rear light while traveling there. that is the only thing that freaks me out and for them its another day on the road. driving with no lights is not a big deal...that is what they think and even with lights on you are afraid to hit someone because they have absolutely no respect for the lanes of the road forget the divider lane. I always tell my wife why are wasting paint on the road when no one respect its own lane.
I ride in Baja California a lot it's the same as morocco driving style, rules...... are not followed by no one, stop signs are there so the policeman can get dollars from the tourist but I still go as it reminds me of the ZOO I come from.
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