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zambie me...

pfff guys sorry for the big delay but hard to find a decent wifi here

Anyway here i am in zambie !! yes I know everybody know this countrie it's very famous for ... i don't why in fact ???? do you really know it ??

And so i cross the border between namibia and zambia and it was really really funny Get out from Namibia is easy, I stamp my passport and the carnet de passage of the bike, then write my false details on a toilet paper and give it to an officer who looks like a simcard vendor ...
And then you enter Zambia and now you really feel an African spirit ! First of all they ask for a visa fee in US dollars, why ?? no idea the official money is Kwacha ... so you have maybe ten guys who are running after you for black change. But if you insist you can pay in Namibian dollar, that I did. Then with your new stamp you can go to the custom office, in fact I know Indian toilet that are better looking than this 'office'. Everybody is overbook, watching a movie and organize importan meeting with girlfriend... so you wait until someone look at you. Now it's time for them to understand what are you doing here ... 10 minnutes after they understand so now they have to learn what to do and so ask someone somewhere....10 minutes later and more money after it's over.... No ! you are so naive it's time to pay tax !! And then I let you admire the office:

cool isn't it ? you have to pay in us dollars so to bargain with a guy.... but these guys are usually cool and it's more easy than it seems
Now it's time for insurance, it's mandatory, and when you are invited in such a pleasant office you can just smile

Over ? no a last office but surely the best 'council affair' what is that ? no idea, but it's such a mess they can find the bike register and so just say 'bon voyage'

Anyway, Zambia has definitely a government that care about cost of public management

I have to admit that all people here were really friendly and helpful, so it was a really good time to laugh with them and their offices, they hope to be in the new big building in construction one day ....

So I took the road for 200km to Livingstone, to see the Victoria Falls. It ws an amazin show

If you want to really enjoy it, take your swimsuit and no camera or phone, it rains a lot, and you are completely wet ! everybody is enjoying this rain and to be dry after 2 minutes of sun, everybody except the guy who lost its iphone during the rain

I plan to be in livingstone just 2 days, but I met a dutch guy who work on a ngo who offer me to discover the real zambia, so i can not refuse such a proposal. One week after i was quitting this town, a lot of souvenir in my mind, and a hangover too but that an other story and pics are not online from now so you will have to wait !!
just me crossing Africa

L'aventure Africaine en franšais:
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