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Originally Posted by 805gregg View Post
Driveway up to hotel in Morelos, restaurant door on the right
Originally Posted by 805gregg View Post
Parking in back of motel


For those of you have followed this Ride Report and the Minnesota Ride Report, I'd like to discuss a couple pertinent points that might apply to all of us AdvRiders.

La Lajitas is not a mainstay stop for big groups. It doesn't have much in the way of amenities and they don't have great resources available in their lives. We probably raised their expectations when we left a rather large tip for the breakfast. Admittedly, we were spoiled by the outstanding chicken dinner and Tecate's the night before.....but then they tried to escalate their charges for the next riders that came through.....not that I blame them but there's a lesson here.....

Morelos is another basket of puzzles. After thinking through our experience, reading older posts from 5 years ago and hearing about the Minnesota experience, it seems to me:

There are 3 buildings including the Hotel, restaurant and the building with the Morelos banner (behind the white pickup) that are all painted the same color. Everybody has ignored that third building that's part of the hotel parking lot. The focus has been on the armed CP that stood on the restaurant roof in front of it. I think it's an unfortunate coincidence that the parking lot/hotel are located in that spot.

Maybe they were "guarding" that third building which was their Community Voting Center? They were working on it when we arrived and the kids that followed Chabon and me back to the hotel were all clustered around and in it. If there's a facility that they would value and protect, it makes sense to me that it's important to them. I think there's sign that said the elections are in early July, maybe the 4th? That spot is also just inside the entrance to their town and absolutely made for a sentry position.

As I've said throughout this report, think of your neighborhood and its facilities and how you would react to 3, 5 or 7 "foreigners" who show up on cross country motorcycles. And remember that we're geared up much like their military, nobody else on motos had helmets, gloves or boots except us and the military. How would our Homeland Security react?

I know this is a bit long winded but I think it's really important for us to think things through and apply the lessons to the next ride we make.....

Was there anybody really scary in this photo....including the guy in the uniform.....?.......everybody is smiling as far as I can see....

Rant over..............
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