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I think most of us believe that if he was on a Yahondazuki he'd be up there with the others.
Watching Dovi in that race reminded me of the times where Nicky's done the same thing; hammering the bike for all it's worth, hoping like hell the tires would last, while knowing that they wont. Like at Indy where he was obviously trying to make something happen at home, but ended up leaving the race with huge chunks missing from the rear tire. They're both capable of running the bike up front but the bike isn't. So you end up just making sure you stay in front of the CRT's and don't either destroy the tires or yourself in the pointless process. Exactly what Rossi did.

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It'd be nice to see somebody competitive on the Duc. Cheers to Dovi for the old college try, but in the end, it was still a 7th place finish. disappointing to see Ben coming in way down in 10th. I think he has more talent then he's displayed in the last 2 years
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