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Bluhduh Oh joy. Oh rapture.

I think I'm going to make a priority out of getting the kick start on my scooter working again.

The battery was very low for some unknown reason when I went to leave work to go to lunch. The engine cranked a bit slow, but fired up OK & I headed toward home A couple blocks later, the engine stopped and the battery was too weak to crank it over again So I started pushing

It was only about a mile and a half to my place, but that's a lot further than I usually care to walk even when I'm not pushing a scooter. It also took up about 2/3 of my lunch time just getting the scooter home and put onto the charger

Oh well, whatchagonnado? I know I could use the exercise (even if it was annoying) and the scooter fired up OK when I got it home and put it on a set of jumper cables from my car so at least it's something easily fixed

Yes, I'll be sure to post when I finally get the kicker reinstalled

Have a great day, everyone
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